For Interior Design we offer:

  • A fully completed set of documents;
  • Provide  options for planning  in sketches;
  • Offer the best options for materials, furnitures and decoration;
  • Preparation of calculations and cost project estimation.



For Architectural Design we provide:

  • Project and engineering documentation for various implementation stages.
  • Development of drawings for furniture, replanning, tracing of communications and networks.
  • Supervising in all stages of project realisation.



For design and architectural solutions, we offer high quality three-dimensional visualization and rendering.

We provide it for operation with some of conceptual information on any stage of project implementation. The customer can make the choice of the best solution.



Our own team of builders and experienced decorators from partner companies always execute the project on time and with the maximum quality. 

We can provide:  Apply wallpaper or decorative tile. Carry out electrical wiring, connect water, Smart House system and fire alarm, perform installation and  disassembly of walls and much more.



If you need advice in the selection of materials, furniture, decorative materials, we will gladly answer all your questions.

Author’s supervision of the project will ensure the best quality of work. Also we can write conclusion about examination of the structures, the state of construction, give advice about the technology of reconstruction and repair.



We offer a redesign and re-planning of apartments without interior design.

This is an option for customers who want to decide on their own design, but they need qualified help in zoning and re-planning. We take care about everything from the lifestyle of the inhabitants to the rhythms of nature.



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